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Marc starting by working with Max Balchowsky who became a long time and endured friend. Marc also worked as a CanAm mechanic, then training for 8 years under Pete Wilkins (Brabam and Gurney's head fabricator)  did the original Shadow Mark 2 that Jackie Oliver competed, varies Indy car chassis and worked with exotic alloys.   Over 35 years experience has given Marc the opportunity to work with the great designers and constructors of the time.

Some of the Formula One Cars, Marc has repaired, rebuilt or restored are:

711 March,    741 March (three),   761 March

WR1 Wolf, WR6 Wolf

006 Tyrell

GH1  Hill

BT-42 Brabham

DN1 Shadow, DN 5 Shadow, DN 8 Shadow, DN9 Shadow

A-1 Arrows

M29 Mclaren

Also,  CanAm, Formula 2, Formula Atlantic and many other class chassis.

Marc started Marc Bahner Engineering in 1976.  He recently took some time off and has now returned full time.   Attention to detail, originality and quality make Marc Bahner Engineering the top of the field. 

3725 Old Conejo Road Newbury Park, Ca
805/499-7301 fax 805/499-7310
email: bahnerengineering@earthlink.net